As the 21st century begins,the world's population may be fast growing out of control.

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As the 21st century begins, the issue has come up that the population of earth has overshot a sustainable carrying capacity, and the world's population may be fast growing out of control. Some pessimists predict at least another billion by 2020; on the other hand, that statement may be disagreed that a national correction may be able to stabilize growth due to scarce resources.

Assume to be agreed with the statement that the world's population will be fast growing out of control; yet there are differences in developed countries and developing countries. The developed countries are the high income countries with high living standards. Canada, as an example, its population has a "baby boom" since the post-war. There are "baby boomers" in developed nations as a population bubble or expansion, which will strain the healthcare resources. In fact, the Canadian population has grown very quickly. It rises from 3,463,000 in 1867 to 31,000,000 in 2001; and some pessimists predict at least another billion by 2020.

On the other hand, the developing nations which have the highest growth hold the majority of population. Death rate has been dropping steadily in the past years; however, the birth rate is still growing, therefore national increase is extremely high in developing nations, which may cause the world's population overpopulated. As one can imagine, if the population grows too fast, the earth cannot sustain us that people will consume all resources.

"Survival of the fittest" states that a national correction will stabilize growth due to scarce resources; for example, china's one child policy and other Asia countries' education on birth control. China, having launched the policy for 26 years, has accomplished the goal as the slogan "control population and enhance people's living standard". However, falls back on the fact to see that people in poor...