Abortion Methods through the Years

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Abortion has been around for centuries, even though it has not always been permitted. Women all over the world form different culture and back grounds have used abortion as a way of terminating a pregnancy. Thinking back in time when abortions were illegal and our medical technology was not as it is today. Some would ask; how did these women have abortions? Some cultures would feed the mother a mild poision, or use a sharp object or beat the mother in hopes to destroy the fetus. Unethical some would say other might say freedom of choice. The legalization of abortion began in 1973. With so many different groups' fighting one way or the other at this time, violence broke out across the nation when the law was being past. Does this mean that one side is right and other is wrong? Even with the advancements in our medial technology can an abortion really be safe? If the legalization was the right decision, then why are there so many people still fighting against it centuries later? One of the good things about the legalization of abortion is that it can be done by a professional and there is less likely hood of the woman and the fetus dieing.

Abortion is legal, and may be a decision that many may regretted in the future.

Depending on your morals and values you might say that abortion is a thing that should be legal and more understood by society. Women activists would say that it is a women's right to do what she wants with her body, including the right to have an abortion. Women activist groups provided places for many women in the 60s and 70s to have abortions. One organization called them selves 'Jane', Jane was a group of women who wanted...