Abortion: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

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Abortion has been a controversial issue, debating between secularism and religion since the beginning of civilization. More often than not, people have constantly been debating that abortion is murder; it is a selfish act of violence that goes against Christian and Catholic beliefs. However, I do not believe this to be the case. Throughout my position paper, I will be discussing my opinions on abortion, and why it should continue to be legal in Canada, through the topics of religion, quality of life, and biblical passages.

Within Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Humanism and other religious and ethical groups, the morality of abortion is based on the exact belief of the nature of the fetus. The problem associated with this is judgmental; based on multiple religious beliefs. Most of the 'pro-life' population, who happen to be Catholic or Christian, believes that a life is created at the act of conception. They believe once the fetus becomes fertilized, a human life is created; therefore making abortion murder, and morally wrong.

Other religions such as Judaism, on the other hand, believe that human life is created once the baby exits its mother’s womb. In a country like Canada, which has almost fifty registered religions, how is it 'morally right' to band abortion because of a certain religions beliefs? In my opinion, that is completely biased and should not even be put up for consideration.

That being said, another issue I face is that pro-lifers focus too much on what it is they believe in, and focus too little on the potential Childs quality of life. In my opinion, abortion is not necessarily done for the purpose of one's self, but instead because of the quality of life that potential child could be brought into. As I was researching more information on this specific topic,