An Academic Without Religions

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I respect religions. I also understand that religions spread all over the western society, affecting almost every one in daily life. But what I can not accept is that we have connived at our religions hindering the progress of society, the development of science and the prosperity of academia even peace of life. Here I am calling, let the religious mysticism leaves the schools alone! Of course, the initiation of religions usually connects to spiritual prop and purity of soul, such as confession in Catholic. People gain strength from religions to overcome difficulties, to survive, to achieve success and to resist lure of evil. As to this, we may say religions become source of potentiality for human, which not only helps to push the history to roll forth but also keeps us morally and ethically right, however, only if man does not rely on religions too much and even fanaticized to it.

The best example, also the most obvious victim of overwhelming religions is, no doubt, academia, which decides our education, our children, and most important-human's future. I still remember the story of an innocent biography teacher prosecuted for propagating Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, the most significant scientific achievement in man's history and the permanent truth existing long before human was born. He was convicted guilty because of respecting academia, because of telling the students the truth, which against Fundamentalists' faith. You may argue that it's an old story happening in 1925, and now it is 2005 and every student in the U.S knows that human evolutes from the ape. And what religions bring to our children is just purity soul and beautiful mind. But the fact is that, when we talk about organ transplantation research, which gives tens of thousands of patients the only hope to continue their...