The adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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Describe Jim and Huck's journey down the river. Include events, name of the state where the event occurs and characters involved.

(from chpt.1 to 18)

Huck and Jim's journey starts when they have to run away from Jackson's Island. They travel

down the river during the night, watching the steamboats on the Missouri shore and hide and rest

during the day , to avoid to be seen by anyone. On the fifth night they pass near St. Louis, remaining

enchanted by all the lights and greatness. Once a while, they stop on the shore and go buying or

stealing food every now and then; Huck feels a little bit guilty about the stealing but knows that he

does it for the purpose of survival.

One stormy night they encounter with an abandoned steamship, wrecked on the shore; Huck feels

attracted by it and decides to go check if there is anything they can steal.

At first, Jim is against this

idea, but Huck convinces him and leads him inside. Once on the boat, they split to search anything

valuable; suddenly Huck overhears a conversation between two robbers, wanting to kill a third. He

runs to Jim and tells him what happened and wants to leave, but Jim gives him a bad news: their raft

has floated away. They start to search for the robbers' boat, hoping to run away with it; in the

meantime the two robbers have put their treasure on the boat, but decide to get the rest of the money,

so they go back in the steamship. As soon as they leave, Huck and Jim jump on their boat and get

away as quiet as possible.

After few hundred yards, they find their raft again and take it. Huck then goes on shore to get help...