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Advertising is a good way of getting money and selling products for the other companies who sell at the Sainsbury store.

Lots of companies offer the same range of products so the advertisers have to think of an original idea that will get the customers to buy their product.

Sainsburys, the large supermarket chain, rely on advertisements to bring their customers in.

They use conventional methods to get the message across, such as TV, newspapers and radio.

They also have their own other ways of advertising; these are carrier bags and their own lorries with the Sainsburys brand name across the side.

I think that their adverts are aimed at all age groups, and for the Newspaper advertisement they have the slogan 99p V 99p, which shows another leading brands Chocolate Muffin compared to their Chocolate Muffin which are the same price but the Sainsburys Muffin has more Chocolate bits and is shown to be larger.

The text also says that the Sainsburys brand is "exactly the same price but with a luscious 75% more Chocolate." This is stating the fact again that Sainsburys is "Value for money."

The other slogan is the message that Sainbsburys is "making life taste better" and shows that the Sainsburys range is better than any other leading brand.

For the television advert they use the celebrity Jamie Oliver "The Naked Chef" to get the message across.

This is to show that one of the best chefs in England uses Sainsburys regularly.

The advert is showing Jamie cooking for some friends as they watch a football match, he is cooking a quick but quality meal from the Sainsburys range of products.

The advert is easily made with no special effects or computer images to help with the making of the advert.

The slogans for this...