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Advertising is a way in which companies promote their products to boost sales

and make profits. It is also 'mass communication', and the advertiser pays for it

in order to convince a certain segment of the public to adopt ideas or take

actions of benefit to the advertiser. I am going to examine some of the ways in

which these purposes are achieved.

The origins of advertising lie thousands of years in the past. One of the first

known methods was an outdoor display, usually an eye-catching sign painted

on the wall of a building. Archaeologists have uncovered many such signs,

notably in the ruins of ancient Rome and Popeii. The one excavated in Rome

offers property for rent.

Early in medieval times a simple but effective form of advertising was when

popular merchants employed 'town criers' who shouted out praise about the


Printed advertising was not huge until 1445 when Johannes Gutenburg

invented the printing press.

With this merchants he made flyers with

characteristic symbols. This form lasted for a long time.

In terms of volume, advertising had made its greatest advance in the United

States of America. In the early days, the nation had a lack of transformed

transportation and communication systems. This is why nationwide promotion

was not possible. But then clever manufactures had the idea to reach their

customer directly through catalogues. The first mail-order houses appeared in

the early 1870s.

In 1880 a new era of advertising began; new ways of manufacturing led to

greatly increased output and decreased the costs for the producers of consumer

goods. The most widely advertised consumer products at this time were patent

medicines, ''By 1893 more than half of over a hundred firms spending more

than fifty thousand dollars annually on advertising were patent medicine


But only...