Alert in Technology

Essay by Borntorun730 January 2003

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Our society represents innovation and we our expected to do better. Technology plays a major role in our society and can alter our everyday lives. The articles, "Our Technologically Intoxicated Zone" written by Robert Naisbitt and "Hooked on Speed" by James Gleick give evidence of my views.

Speed in our society is constant; it seems to me that our society and employers of America want everything yesterday. I believe this is a fair analysis of our society. The communication in our in our society consist, of the Internet, cell phones, pagers and PDA'S. With the ability to respond so quickly with information we expect it 24 hours a day and seven days a week. For example, many operations, such as Progressive Insurance will service not stop. As stated by Nasbitt," we want everything in a hurry without any patience and or effort." We are accustomed to quick and easy, hassle free or your money back.

Of course, we must decide for ourselves what we need to have in our daily lives in order to be faster, better, and more efficient. Is it ok to be slower, not so good and or less efficient? The key to remember is that technology is not the answer to everything but is known to make life more comfortable.

The American public craves a quick fix and believes technology can give it to us. We look for the easy way out in almost every problem we face. If something goes wrong and we face a problem or two, we try to find the easiest and quickest way, which is not always the right or best way for society. We must realize what the consequences will be for the future of society by advancement. Many enterprising businesses have invented ways to produce consumer products to...