All-Access Locker Policies in School

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Imagine this: your walking down the hall, trying to understand what your previous teacher just told you and another teacher makes you stop. She starts asking you questions. When you are released you realize you have 30 seconds to get clear across the school. Now your going to be late your class, you are not going to have enough time to stop at your locker and you have no idea what your previous teacher just explained to you.

I believe that any student should be able to go to his/her locker at any moment. all access lockers can help students in three ways My reasoning is: Overweight.

This may be one more time throughout the day when are students get the extra exercise to maybe bring the number of over weight childern down. With the increasing percentage overweight kids in America we need all the help we can get.

I do not mean that this will drop the number of overweight adolescents but it very well might.

Also: Being prepared If a student gets the rewarded ability to go to their locker at any time teachers should have predetermined times throughout class time to gather locker belongings for the class at hand (such as a book, jackets for cold days, and other supplies). Many teachers become upset when students come unprepared to class. As it affects the student and their ability to work correctly instead of having to improvize.

Finally: Unknown supplies.

Students should be able to access their locker any moment because a lot of the time a student does not have enough time between classes to gather the needed supplies. Often Teachers need you to bring a book, but they told you the day of need. Another reason why is a lot of students will get their minds caught on another subject and completely forget to stop off at their locker to get what they need.

However this should not be a free for all. If students are given the opportunity to go to their lockers there should be a limit for how many times they can go. This should not be a social time. Teachers should also pre determined the amounts of time students get to visit their lockers. This should be a privilege with supporting consequences for wrong doings.

All these reasons lead me to believe that sutdents going to thier lockers at any time could improve grades, and bring tardys down. Making this a wonderful idea.