All about the art and architecture of the middle ages.

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The Art and architecture of the Middle Ages was one of diversity and yet it focused around one aspect of life. Whether it was the creation of Romanesque buildings, or the carved statues decorating them there was one simple theme, religion. Two main styles of art and architecture reigned supreme during this time. Gothic and Romanesque techniques came from the same family of Roman design. Of this period the most important art that arose was architecture because if founded a completely new type of construction. During the era in which Fibonacci lived, Italy was in a Romanesque period. It made use of several architectural characteristics such as the rounded arch and the barrel vault. An example of this being the Cathedral of Pisa where the marble columns are all crowned with capitals of old Roman form. For 600 years after the fall of Rome the architecture of the Roman Empire ceased, and was mainly brought back around the time of the middle ages of embellishment of churches.