Alternative Ending to Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

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She put the suitcase down. “My clothes,” she said. “I’m going with you. Can I? Okay?”I didn’t want Phoebe to come with me, it was important she go to school. That little girl can be stubborn as hell though. She started to bawl and I didn’t quite know what to do. I couldn’t leave her here alone with all the phonies. I couldn’t leave her to see all the “fuck you” signs on the walls of her school. I figured the best thing to do was to take her with me like she wanted to and save her from this place. I could guard her and make sure she was never the victim of some little boy at school who wanted to teach her cruel words.

I know it might seem like a bad idea to you, but I didn’t mean it to be, I swear. We started to hitchhike to the west as planned.

We kind of just walked and talked about Phoebe and her life. She told me about the girls at her school and how they all dress alike and try to be like one another. See that’s what I hate about this world, why can’t anyone have their own mind, everyone has to copy one another. Anyway, it was nice, real nice. There’s no one else I love to listen to more than Phoebe. I couldn’t wait to get to our destination where it would be just Phoebe and me.

It started out real good and all but after five hours we still didn’t manage to get very far. God dam people, you rely on them to drive you and help you hitchhike and they can’t even do that. Phoebe and I decided it would be best to walk the rest of the way.