American Culture: About how things influence american lives

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American Culture

The American people have a lot of different cultures. They are all unique in there own ways. Some are good and some are bad. For my paper I chose money, school, and telemarketing. These are just some of the many cultures today.

Money is a very big aspect in the American culture. One aspect of money is if you want to buy anything you need money. Nothing is free these days. A lot of people are judged by how much money and wealth you have. People who have money, cars, and a big house, they are usually in the upper social class. People who don't have much and live in a trailer park are looked at like a lower social class. All these things revolve around money.

School is next on the list. Every body hates getting up in the morning to go to school. I could go without school, but with out school I wouldn't have a good education.

I couldn't go to college and then get a very good job. If you dropped out of School and looked around places to find a job. It would probably be flipping hamburgers at a food joint. If you go to college you can be making the big bucks.

Telemarketing was the last thing I chose. Personally I hate being bothered all day by people trying to sell me junk. I don't care what they want to sell me or why they have to call my house. A lot of them call at 2:00 in the morning saying, "Would you like to purchase a 12 months subscription of the Play Boy magazine." I don't know how they get my number or why they want to bother me.

In conclusion I feel our culture should not value a person self...