The American Dream

Essay by justin_6t9 March 2008

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In movies, the “American Dream” is often referred to as having a perfect life. The American Dream in movies usually consists of white families with a big house, a mom named Mrs. Smith, a dad named Bob Smith,with a big property for the kids Bob Junior and little Suzy to play, a dog named Roaver, and a nice car for dad. Life is perfect. Dad would go work hard all day, and come home with dinner made. At dinner, he would tell Bob Junior that he could be president of the United States of America one day, if he stayed in school and worked hard. The American Dream is an American leading a life of success, fortune, and perfection. A man had to do hard honest work to support his family, but he didn’t mind.

Today, the American Dream is no longer relevant. Especially after the industrial Revolution, American’s have lost the value of hard and honest work.

Not just American’s but people all over the world. Everyone is always looking for a “get rich quick” scheme that usually ends up in failure.

The American Dream can be defined in many ways depending on how you look at it. Take Martin Luther King for example. His American Dream was of racial equality. Many people dream of different things. Everyone wants a prefect life.

However, today the dream has almost completely faded. It has gone from the American Dream to the Money Dream. There is no more pride in the dream.

People want their money, and they want it by any means possible. People worship money. At least when the American Dream was relevant, people wanted to be with their families. Today, some people on the quest of riches live isolated. They don’t need family or friends. They think...