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During 1950s, there were many social and political issues that related to the immigrants. One of the memorable issues was the blacklisted film, Salt of the Earth. The director of this film was Herbert J. Biberman, and the sponsor was the labor union. The film is about the strike for a safe working condition of the Chicano mine workers in New Mexico. In the movie, the strike last about fifteen months until the mine workers finally meets their success; however, this success does not only come from the men strength, but it also come from the women. The actors and actresses had done a very good job on playing their parts even though they had to face the obstacles that almost prevent them to finish this film. The obstacles that everyone in Salt of the Earth had to face were the federal laws that America had during that time and the issues about the Chicano and the women in the film that seemed to be a threat to that era.

Before the producers began to shoot Salt of the Earth, there was a tension of "Cold War" that was created the idea of anti-communism. The government and many Americans were disagreed with the concept of communism. There were a well knows committee called House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), the well known anti-communist investigation committee. Also, in 1950, there was a federal law called McCarran Act that required the registration of communist organization, and it created to investigate anyone who engaged in any disloyal activities. Two years later, the McCarran-Walter Act was passed, and it gave the government an authority to deport any immigrants or naturalized citizens who government considered as a threat to the country. As a result from those laws, it created a stress situation for many people in...