American Reform Movements

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The fast growth of the United States made many Americans hopeful but they still saw the need for reform. Most Americans still wanted a change for the better. Not everyone was helped by America's growth. Some were hurt by it. Not everyone had the freedoms promised by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. So many Americans were concerned about these problems that the 1830's through the 1850's became and age of reform. During this time many Americans worked to improve life for others.

Many Americans became reformers in education so that they could help improve the state's public schools. I believe the Americans were probably interested in school reform because they had to pay the school taxes and many of them probably had children that they wanted a good education for their children. During this time people wanted laws requiring children to go to school.

They wanted special schools to train teachers and full-time, well trained teachers.

They also wanted new schools built and the schools to educate workers.

Another reform movement was the fight against slavery. I believe that the main reason for slavery reform was to gain equality for all people. Some reformers felt it was a moral issue and I totally agree. They felt that all Americans should have the same rights. Slaves were being mistreated by slaveowners Marriages and families were being broken up. Slavery was also contrary to the teachings of Christianity. God did not create man to be slaves. The American way of life was that freedom was an inalienable right of the individual and slavery was contrary to this.

There was also a reform movement involving rights for women. Women wanted to have the same political, social, and economic rights as white men. They wanted "all the rights and privileges which belong...