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The Declaration of Independence is a historical legal document. It is written in Virginia by Thomas Jefferson, who will later become our 3rd president of The United States. It is also a political document. It is written to declare the independence of the United States from Great Britain. The tone of the document is dramatic and forceful.

Thomas Jefferson starts off with the issue of them wanting to declare the separation from Great Britain, how they no longer wish to be apart of their colony. He goes on with how "all men are created equal". Although in this time period he is referring to only white men. These are the enlightenment ideas of equality. The enlightenment ideas come from John Locke. His next statement is that they are "endowed by their creator". In many instances he speaks refers to God. It is highly influenced by Christianity. He speaks of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

In this time radical men did not know that they had the right to be happy. He speaks of the history of the present King of Great Britain, King George III, calling this a tyrant.

He proves King George III's tyranny by establishing a list of grievances. This is an attack of King George III. He does not want to attack the entire monarchy because he does not want to anger Spain or France. The king himself was not good or bad he was just attacked because of this status as King of England and also the Elector of Hanover. His list of grievances includes the "tyranny" of the king. He goes on about all the different acts and taxes such as the Declaratory Act of 1766, the Quartering Act, Stamp Act, Tea Act, and the Hat Act. Some of these accusations were...