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I am asked to state why mariah acts a certian way and also what do I think made her this way.Mariah acts as if she has never witnessed a bad thing in her life. Also as if she blocks everything negitave and makes it into a postive. The first indication that Lucy is becoming critical of Mariah is during their conversation about spring daffodils. Mariah remarks on their beauty and tells Lucy that seeing a field of daffodils blowing in the breeze makes her "glad to be alive."(2212) Mariah acts like she is no diffrent from any other person. To Mariah everyone is equal like in the story when she dose not see the difference between the help on the train and the passengers. Mariah reminds me of a friend of mine. Truely devoted and a very high self of steam.

"How does a person get to be that way?" What Lucy is really asking is how does someone find happiness everyday no matter what they have went through.

Instead of maturing and becoming a stronger women, she was possibly more lost at the end than the beginning.

Mariah seemed to bother lucy because she was so happy. To mariah everything was great much better than where she was raised. That has alot to do with why she is such a pleasent person. Her culture brought out the best in her.