Analysis of Letters from Birmingham Jail

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What I mean by "solid" is that he leaves no room for questioning of his actions, there is no doubt to the reader on why he did what he did. I guess "bore some" is a bad choice of word to describe what I'm trying to say. If a person believes in a cause they are normally very motivated to do their part to help whatever needs to be done to further their cause. This motivation is normally kept going by a leader or leaders of their cause, fueling the fire to march on. However, motivational speech's are normally kept simple and brief, after so long it no longer a motivation but a lecture and people tend to loose their drive. This is what I thought happened in the letter. It was an extremely well structured letter and I thought he was very well spoken; however, I believe that if MLK's point in this letter was to reach the majority of Americans to see his cause than he could have made a bigger impact be keeping it a little shorter and more direct to the point.

At that time in America the people he was trying to reach out to, especially the white moderate in that area, were not as educated as the are today. MLK was a very brilliant man and he did wonders for America's desegregation process, but I just believe that letter was not the best way to reach Americans. I wish I could explain better what I'm trying to get at, I think there's a lot of references, such as the bible and non-violent repeated too much, that didn't need to be in there to get his point across.

The four nonviolent campaign methods are injustices exist, negotiation, self-purification and direct action.