Analysis of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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Rebellion is a how to gain power through struggle with a more dominate force. Is it possible to succeed in rebellion against a dominant force? There are so many other forces in this world designed to control that it is nearly impossible to successfully rebel against a dominant force. One man alone does not have the energy to rebel without becoming exhausted.

In Ken Kesey?s novel One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest the main Character and the other patients in the ward prove that it is insane to rebel against a dominant force. The women in the book are a dominate force that constantly emasculates the men and make them feel like they are little boys every time that they try to rebel in the smallest of ways. The machines are another tool on the ward that are used to strike fear into the hearts of those who choose to rebel.

Everyone that tries to rebel ends up feeling the wrath of the combine in one way or another. The only one that escapes the combine is Chief Bromden who acts like a deaf and dumb mute.

?The premise of the novel is that women ensnare, emasculate, and in some cases crucify men.? (Forrey 316). There are many characters in the book that prove this quote to be true. Billy Bibbit, Harding, and chief Bromden have all had some kind of dominating women in their lives that drove them to be in the institution.

Billy is a 31 year old that had a horrible mother that would never let him grow up. ?In a different way Billy Bibbit?s mother denies him the chance to become a man ?.Billy, on a comfortable day, talks about looking for a wife and going to college. His mother tickles his ear with...