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During the first week of class the professor gave an in class assignment. Students were given 5 minutes to prepare a 1-2 minute impromptu speech identifying an issue of importance to many and a how the issue links to the speaker personally. Bashar spoke about how ?lame? the campaign to get people to use condoms. Basher thought that the campaign was ?lame because condoms hadn?t been successful at preventing his girlfriend from getting pregnant. Basher also made the statement that that he felt that condoms were not any better at guarding against AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Julie spoke about animal rights Julie said that she was against terrible test and inhumane conditions for animals. Julie also felt that animal activist went overboard with protesting. Julie cited a time when her mother had blood thrown on her fur coat.

Bud spoke about gun control. Bud felt that no mater how tough gun controls were it would not prevent criminals from obtaining guns.

Bud felt that guns laws infringe on Constutional laws.

The professor asked from comments on the speeches given. Naro commented that he felt uncomfortable when Bashar?s speech about the use of condoms. Gretchen commented that the use of the word ?lame? offended her. Kate praised the speakers for not being afraid to talking about unpopular topics.

The problems with this case is that the students were assigned to give an impromptu speech on identifying an issue of importance to many and a how the issue links to the speaker personally. It seemed as if any issue that was afflicting the speaker in someway offended someone in the audience.

Each speaker identified an issue of its own personal importance. Many of the impromptu speeches did not have any importance to the audience. Many of the audience members...