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The first reality TV show called, "The Real World" makes it debut appearance on MTV. Putting seven young adults in a apartment to live and work together for six weeks. These young adults bring conflicts and other disputes. Such as, religion, relationships, or just even the roomates.

The most recent season of The Real World was in Denver, Colorado. The roomies, Tyrie, Jenn, Alex, Brooke, Stephen, Davis, and Colie didn' t hesitate to get the party started right away. Meanwhile, conflict arises when Davis' sexuality clashes with Stephen' s religious views. Stephen is in disagreement with Davis about his sexuality, but as the show progresses Stephen learns to accept it.

Just when you think it couldn' t get any worse Tyrie gets put to work after meeting two girls at a club. However, trouble really occurs when he meets both girls at the same club. Therefore he juggles between two girls he meets at a club, Jazelle and Ashley.

Later on Tyrie continues to talk to both girls, but he leans towards Jazelle more. Tyrie ends up keeping in touch with Jazelle, and loses contact with Ashley.

While out partying Colie starts to feel sick. The next day, Colie' s sorority sister Lindsy and her mother took her to the hospital, only to find out that she was diagnosed with an infectious mononucleosis. While Colie is at the hospital, Alex talks to Colie' s mother who advises him to make Colie a "sick couch". Colie takes this as a sign that Alex cares about her as a person.

As you can see The Real World, means exactly what it says. These seven young adults deal with situations and problems that anybody would go through in their everyday lives. Even though the roomates didn' t always see eye to eye with each other, in the end they worked out their problems and became friends.