This is an analytical paper based on the book "The American Halocaust" that analyzes the brutality forced against the Indians.

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Since one was in elementary school, Spanish teachers have been telling of what a great man Christopher Columbus was and of his "discovery" of America. What would one think of him if years from then one were to discover he was just as bad as Hitler if not worse? In 1492, a Holocaust began against the Natives of the Americas we know today. It was led by none other than Christopher Columbus. Now that the truth is out about Columbus, one may ask what fueled his need to exterminate the Native Americans? Columbus himself would simply reply that it was God's will; God granted him authority to enslave and kill off nearly an entire human race. The death of the Natives was not justifiable. They truly believed the Spaniards were friends and even gave them food and gifts upon request. In return for their humble behavior towards the Spaniards, they were betrayed and paid with their lives for being good Samaritans.

Most of the Spaniards, including Columbus, believed that God wanted them to Christianize the natives. Their mode of "Christianization" was by killing or enslaving those who did not convert their beliefs. Yet if they were such devout Christians, shouldn't they have known that their way of Christianizing the natives was not what God wanted? The bible states in its Commandments: "Thou shalt not commit murder" and "Love thy neighbor", yet the "Christian" Spaniards believed God was okay with their behavior towards the Natives. Other leaders guilty of this sin are Hernan Cortes who slaughtered the Aztecs, Francisco Pizarro who conquered the Incas, along with the hundreds of Spaniards who contributed to the genocidal killing of the Native Americans.

After being showered with food and gifts upon request, Columbus began making outrageous claims upon the lands he visited, regarding...