Analyzing Individual Features of Newscasts

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The composition of a daily television newscast is developed through a complex web of highly detailed decision making processes. Hundreds of alternatives are evaluated, preferences are considered, program managers weed through the plethora of possible choices, finally the decisions are made. Lineup selection includes the review of various options between which stories will be included in the local, national and international news segments. Newsroom staff must decide what will be included in terms of top stories, special reports, and most importantly, the regular feature news segments – all of which are based on assumptions of viewer preferences. Television program ratings are useful and do provide detailed information, ( i.e. the number of people in each age group who are watching each quarter hour can be identified) however ratings do not reveal an individual’s feature preferences. Our group project objective is to use the conjoint analysis to assist in the quantifying of viewer preferences among five specific feature segments, using three attributes and up to five levels.

Table of ContentsAbstract Pg. 2Table of Contents Pg. 2Introduction Pg. 3Importance of Data … Pg. 4Attributes and Levels SelectedPg. 4The Full Range of Attribute …Pg. 5Attribute Importance Pg.5-6Group Attribute Comparison Model Pg.7Pair Wise Pg.7Recommendations Pg. 8-9AppendicesA - Questionnaire/SurveyPg. 11B - Pair Wise Questions Pg. 12-13IntroductionIn today’s fast-paced, technology-driven economy, the customer has customers have never been in a better position to get what they want from a product. Companies are bending over backwards to please the customer because of the grim reality that loyalty is a quickly fading characteristic of the marketplace. Companies now realize that clients will continuously “seek & find” many companies offering very similar products, but each with slightly different features.. It is essential for companies to capture the voice of the consumer and to do this they must know what...