How and Why did the Nazis Change Germany from 1933-1945

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A lot of Hitler's success is put down to a Dr Josef Goebbles who was in charge of "enlightenment and propaganda". Goebbles had been with Hitler all the way through the campaign and was an intelligent person using techniques that are still used in politics today and he used every resource available to him.He would organise rallies, marches, torchlight processions, meetings ect. A good example of a rally is the Neuremburg rally witch happened once a year in the summer. There were bands, marches, flying displays and there were Hitler speeches. These were to show that the Nazis were new and exiting.They emphasised the power of the state and showed order. Another benefit came from these rallies as they showed that "every other German supported the Nazis" and encouraged people to "go with the flow".

Once Hitler had passed the enabling act in 1933 and he had complete control over Germany he changed the law so that Goebbles could do whatever he liked.

Goebbles did this. He controlled the media strictly, if you wanted to publish a book you had to get permission before hand (incidentally Mien Kampf was the best seller in Nazi Germany). This was so that you could only read books with pro-Nazi themes and this would make people more loyal to the regime and also so that resistance against the Nazis could not be united. In 1933 Goebbles organised a high profile "book burning" in which all books with "unacceptable" ideas were burnt. This was so that all the hard work the Nazis had put in to getting ideas in to peoples heads would not be undone and also to show that the Nazis were actually doing what they said they would do. Newspapers were not allowed to print anti-Nazi ideas and what they...