Anorexia : Starving for Perfection

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Every year the number of people affected with an eating disorder increases. The two most common types of eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Although both have the same purpose there are some differences between the two. An anorexic hardly eats whereas a bulimic eats large amounts of foods but induces vomiting or uses laxatives. Anorexia has increased greatly in the past few years. Even though the causes of anorexia are inconclusive people have studied this disorder and they have found a few reasons why many people are suffering from this disorder.

One of the big reasons for anorexia is the society we live in. It is a fact that everywhere we go we see what is called the perfect body. We've been made to believe that the perfect body is what we see in magazines and in television. This image has eventually affected many people especially females. Out of 11 million Americans with an eating disorder 10 million are females.

The models that are shown in fashion magazines or in runways are extremely thin. A study shows that most of these models have body fat levels of 10% when the average level of body fat for a healthy woman is 22%. America sometimes requires being thin for certain professions. In order to be a model and walk the runway you must be at least 5'8 weighting between 108-125 pounds. The U.S. Department of Health suggest that a female whose 5'8 tall weigh between 125 and 164. Anorexia affects more and more young people every year. "The fashion industry's promotion of beauty as meaning stick thin is damaging to young girls' self image and to their health." Now day's girls as young as seven are being treated for anorexia they too are being influenced by extremely thin models. Anorexia...