The Apache Indian culture and history.

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The unique culture of the Apache Indians involved several different regional groups. These groups were the Mescalero, who roamed east of the Rio Grande in Southern New Mexico and the Pecos River; the Jicarillo in northern New Mexico, Texas and parts of Colorado; the Chiricahua, who were located in southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona and Mexico; the Western Apache which were located in Eastern Arizona, the Whiter Mountains, Cibuecue, and San Carlos; the Lipan; and the Kiowa which inhabited in southern California, Oklahoma, and Texas. The differences in location for these groups made each group develop slightly different cultures. (Apache)

These nomadic Native Americans belonged to the Southern Athapascan linguistic society. They survived on buffalo and limited farming. Their matriarchal society meant everyone was somewhat related through the female line. Their clothing involved deerskin pants , shirts, moccasins, and hats with symbolic writings or ornamentation for the men and deerskin skirts and boot moccasins for the women.

Their wakeups, or houses, were pitched, tent-like lodgings made or brush or hide. (Jones)

Another element of the Apache tribe was their extremely strong religion. They prayed often and had puberty-based religious dances, including "rain dances," dances to obtain a good harvest and spiritual dances. They believed that after an Apache member died, they were sent to a wonderful place where disease and death were inexistent. Many Apaches believed some animals such as insects, birds and coyotes were once humans. If an Apache ignored any religious beliefs or went against moral, they could be banished from the tribe. (Ryder)

Famously known for their excellent warfare skills and high endurance, legend claims that "an Apache warrior could run fifty miles without stoppi8ng and travel more swiftly than a troop of mounted soldiers." Their strong and iron spirits did not affect their gentleness towards children...