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I visited the APEX Museum on 12 March 2006. There were many things that caught my eye. The Apex Museum's mission statement is: to accurately interpret and present history from an African American perspective in order to help all American and International visitors better understand and appreciate the contributions of African Americans to America as well as the world. After seeing the whole museum, I think that that statement is very true. First I visited the Yates and Milton Drug Store, one of Atlanta's first Black owned businesses. I heard a lot of stories of early African American pioneers in Atlanta. It was interesting to see all of the things that we discussed in class come to live in these stories. I also learned about the powerful Black Families that helped to make Atlanta great. The APEX has a lot of information also on Auburn Avenue which I never would have thought about.

I meet the Apex's knowledgeable docents and they all share all types of facts that I knew and did not know before I visited the museum. They were all very helpful in answering all my question and listening to me relate the things in the museum to things that I have learned in class. In the Hall of Achievement, (which I found out later, was donated by BellSouth), I found information on African American achievers. It is incredible that they have some many various disciplines. Some of the disciplines are: Black Musicians in Georgia, Black Arts & Cultural Organizations, Community Spirit, Business/Professionals, Black Firsts in Georgia, Georgia Black Olympian & Para-Olympian Medalists, Saving Our Children & Youth, Teachers of Excellence, Young Black Achievers/Tomorrow's Leaders, Atlanta Black Male Achievers, Atlanta Black Female Achievers, and Black Living Legend of Baseball. This permanent exhibit derived from the BellSouth Black History...