Argument against Kenneth Pollack's position in "The Threatening Storm" for war in Iraq

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Although Kenneth Pollack makes a strong argument for war with Iraq in The Threatening Storm, his position is entirely incorrect. The evidence against war is plentiful and very well expressed by many scholars, such as Richard Betts, Mark Strauss, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer. There are many major factors to keep in mind regarding the situation in Iraq. For instance, the United States must remember that international support is not only preferable, but necessary. Furthermore, Saddam Hussein is not as reckless as the United States wants to believe. Also, containment has worked in many situations in the past and can continue to do so if the United States will give deterrence a chance.

Undeniably, Iraq has alienated much of the international community for various reasons. The United States is acting just as rashly in its decision for war as it accuses Saddam Hussein of acting. Containment is definitely the best strategy in the situation the United States faces.

Unless the United Nations weapons inspectors provide conclusive evidence that calls for international support of a large scale invasion, the United States should not plan on war, because to do so unilaterally would be an unwise decision. The United States would find it in a similar situation to Saddam, in a sense, because of the international discontent the United States would face. The problem is that "Bush is willing to invade, with or without allied and United Nations support" (Kuttner). Additionally, when the United States has attempted nation building unilaterally with the goal of democracy, it has failed in eight countries since 1906 (Hughes). To "attempt to do what no government has ever done before: destroy a regime that possesses WMD" (Betts) without international support, particularly that of the United Nations, would be foolish. With support from powerful players in the...