Artificial Intelligence : Can Computers Think?

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Computers are machines that are created by humans. These machines are used for doing complicate and boring tasks. In order for computers to do their jobs correctly they require commands that are made by humans. Hence, computers are controlled by and depended on humans; computers cannot think on their own. They do not even have the sense that they are actually working on some complicated problems.

To the question of ?can machine thinks?? we should look in to the definition of ?think?. Using the word ?think? might contains hazard to the question. According to Webster?s New Compact Dictionary defines ?think? as "1. Have a mind. 2. Believe. 3. Employ the mind.? Having a mind means having its own psychological states but, can we determine that a computer have a psychological states as well? In my opinion no, all the computer parts including the hardware and software are all in physical form, since everything could be copied or reformed.

Since all parts of the computer are in physical form then how can we determine that a computer also have a psychological states. On the other hand, mind, personality or thought cannot be reformed; therefore, we cannot conclude that the computers can think. They only can do stuff that humans teach them, without humans these machines are useless. We can say a machine is like a human body since it has most of the characteristic a human has but it has no mind to think. So the word ?think? is using improperly in this situation. Humans consider ourselves as some special living object is because we have the ability to solve and think of problems. This ability is usually come with all living objects in this world. Computers cannot be a living object because they cannot come up with their own ability...