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Good managers know the importance of quality employees in their organizations. The level of quality employees one has a significant role to the success of their company. A wise manager realizes keeping and motivating employees takes more than just wages. " It is estimated that over 53% of today's employees" will choose to leave their current employer. (Deischer, 2000) Managers must seek ways to retain the employees they have, as well as hiring more quality employees.

The hiring process is the most important factor in ensuring that only quality employees get the job. A manager must first have a clear understanding of what the job entails to decide what type of employee is needed to fill the position? A manager should have a thorough picture of what the company is looking for in its next employee. A manager must establish minimum requirements for a position. If a manager hires the right employee the first time a lot of money and aggravation will be saved.

A manager should be creative in recruiting. Use job boards or recruit from university's. The manager will have more success recruiting the correct employee versus the correct employee finding the company. A manager should remain open-minded and look to fill the job from with in. The Internet is a wonderful tool for the efficient hiring of employees. Asking current employees if they know of anyone who would be right for the company has proven to be an effective means of recruitment. A study done by Ohio State University, of employee recruitment found that new hires were more likely to stay at least a year if they were recruited through inside sources, rather than through ads or employment agencies. (MIT SLOAN 2001)

Once hired the next challenge is retaining the quality employees. In one study it was...