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Attacked I was 9 years old when this tragic event was embedded in my heart. In 3rd grade with the only thought of what's going on; it had troubled me that the teachers wouldn't utter a word about what was going on or why where they crying while watching TV. Finally, around 9:30ish we were all gathered to hear the troubling words that the principle had to say. After hearing these unforgivable words "We're Under Attacked," it made no sense.

After departing the blue gym, my brain was under going a massive hurricane of thought and wonder; what was happening, are we all going to die, are we being attacked by an unknown country, wait no that couldn't happen this is the United States the greatest country ever to set foot , who would try and pick a fight with use. Either way I knew I was going to find out soon it was only a matter of time I told myself.

During Lunch everybody disgusted me, did it even cross their mind that we were being attacked or that that most teachers were crying over loved ones that could be dead. I ate in silence over their selfishness.

After lunch was over, we went to our classes to resume the work that was being done before we were interrupted. When at my desk and doing my work I eavesdropped on the conversation that was occurring between my two teachers. The shock was unbearable, like a punch straight towards my stomach that made me quince in pain. The World Trade Centers have collapse, the Pentagon strike with a plane, and a plane crashed in Shanksville.

How could this happen, why did this happen, it didn't make any sense. Why would someone do this to the greatest nation in the world?...