Banking Concept of Education

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In Many ways Paula Friere ?Problem-Posing? Concept opens your eyes to the many flaws of the ?Banking Concept of Education? but does little to convince his readers that the concept can realistically help the education system today. I rarely take pride in our countries education system and often wondered why we failed in many areas academically but still manage to hold supremacy over the world today. I often connected to the fact that our country has been always a haven for immigrants and that basic fact shooting education is essential component to our education. It also relates to the fact that, if you want to be knowledgeable, it takes self effort to go beyond the basics of the classroom and educate your self. In America a student can be in advance physic in high school and another in earth space science and can still be in the same grade, showing that student ?A? has put forth self effort to advance his education.

It also shows that the Banking Concept is not flaw it just the way the concept is carried out. So I disagree with Friere Concept not on the basis of its vision but on the fact that his concept is not a realistic approach to education. The realistic approach is not to do away with the Banking Concept (because it is still vital to education), but to fine tune its flaws.

In Friere?s Concept and in many other concepts that attempt to deface modern education are usually great ideas but are not practical in a real society. Friere concept of Problem-Solving would want people to challenge established ideas, create revolutionary ideas, and research topics of personal interest. This sounds like a concept that should be applied after you have been exposed to established facts and ideas. The...