Barbara Jordan, First black female Texas Senator.

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As I researched Barbara Jordan, The word first came to use a lot when mentioning her accomplishments. She was so esteemed that it almost seemed like an extension of which ever title she was innovating at that time. The first black women to serve in the Texas Senate. The first of black women to serve on corporate boards. I personally think that treatment as such must of contributed to her entire personality. I can only imagine a black women, coming up in the time which she did, dealing with all the preconceptions of colored people. Through it all wearing her dignity clearly shinning almost as armor. I commend her because I know that is the way it had to be. These being some of simplest facts impacted equality of colored people. In Texas, which by some has been know to one of the more race controversial states, these were more than impacts but inspirations.

I did not want focus more of the racial issue, more so the way she gave women someone to look up to. With her strength an intelligence constantly radiating.

Though In my years I have never heard Barbara Jordan speak, I read many of her quotes in research. As these quotes referred to many different subjects, her sense of believing in the system seem to be there. I ,myself, am inspired to hear her ideas of the constitution being completely and utterly objective. Not hung up on the issues of black, white, having less, or more, or benefiting one group over another, but equality. I believe that if more thought in this idealistic manor Texas society could greatly improve. With so many women looking up to her, I'm sure that this characteristic developed an impact on them.

Barbara Jordan not only gave inspiration to minorities,