Battered Women Syndrome

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This Paper is about The Battered Women Syndrome. This paper withholds Facts, statements, statistics, and opinions about Battered Women. It also has a numerous amount of organizations, types of syndromes and theories of psychologists.

Battered Women Syndrome is a woman that is unable to get out of an abusive/violent relationship, with a collection of psychological problems/symptoms. The woman is typically an unusually low self esteemed wife sometimes depressed, confusion, anxiety, loss of a sense of personal control, a feel of self blame, and/or fearful of her spouse (Marriage and Families pge 431).

The Symptoms of BWS is a psychological reaction that sometimes occurs in people who are often in a traumatic situation such as family violence. It has three distinct groups of symptoms that take place before a threat occurs. Psychologists call this ?Fight or Flight? Response. First The Flight Response Mode, Second The Flight Mode, and Thirdly the Cognitive Ability and Memory Loss according to Domestic Violence and The Courtroom.

First The ?Fight? Mode the battered woman prepares to deal with anger by becoming aware of signs of upcoming violent modes, therefore she becomes very shocked and/or alarmed. The nervous system becomes ready for use and the woman turns her center of interest to defend herself. Usually this weakens concentration and causes psychological impulses, and frequently meet with high anxiety. In significant cases, fear and panic disorders are present and phobic disorders may also result. Anger and/or crying are sometimes symptoms of this stage.

Second The ?Flight? Mode In many instances the fight mode repeats. A great amount of women would turn away from harm if it was possible to do it safely . When related to the body free from confinement or control is almost non-existent, although mentally it is very possible. This Stage is the emotionally...