The Benefits of Obtaining Generic Skills in School

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Since fundamental notion of University has established, people were able to learn both basic skills and specific skills, which were necessary and useful in variety workplaces. However, as modern technologies have developed rapidly, schools and teaching places should keep step with those changes. Nevertheless, most of teaching places faced up to several limitations because it was hard to change the form and substance of the tradition teaching skills and texts. As a result, it has been concern for both employers and employees, moreover affecting students who will be employed in the future, because they expect those skills they learn from a school should be transferable, but often it is not. This essay will find out the definite cause of generic skills and identify whether generic skills are transferable in variety working places or not.

Acquiring generic skills are important. By learning generic skills, a person will be able to solve variety types of situation or relative problems.

A generic skill contains many ways of meaning, but simply, it is usefulness skills to apply them to solve a range of situation (Barnett, 1994). When graduates found a job, they will face up to many problems, whether they have experienced or not. In addition, they should be able to deal efficiently with a tense situation. Learning generic skills from school should teach them basic skills and specific skills for work place, so once their student get a job, he should be confirm to the way of the society. Generic skills are this much important, but nowadays, learning generic skills from school is not very efficient.

There are some important points that the reason of why generic skills are hard to transferable. Most of work places request certain knowledge of the work or relative ability before young people get into the job, but...