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The Betty Ford Center sounds like a great place to be treated for chemical dependency; however, I was astounded at the costs of all the different treatment options. I do not know how a family or a single person could afford to be medically treated for their dependency. The prices do not even include the medications and special services. Not only is it a huge cost to pay back but the required deposit for inpatient care is $5,000. There are many people who have let their addiction control their life, meaning they have no money, job, or insurance. This type of treatment should be available to every person, not just the wealthy. I do like that one family member's treatment is included in the inpatient treatment costs.

Three things I learned about patient care programs are that they are flexible, specific for certain people, and that they include the patient's family.

The flexibility of the program is seen by letting the patient choose between inpatient tx, intensive outpatient tx, and evening outpatient tx depending upon their needs. The patient care programs are made specific to certain people such as licensed professionals and they are gender specific. Another nice thing I learned is that the Betty Ford Center includes treatment options for the family of the chemically addicted person. I find these things interesting because I never knew that this type of facility would be flexible at all and that it would include even outpatient and or family treatment options.

Three things I learned about the family support groups are that one family member is included in the cost of the patient's treatment, the programs are age specific, and flexible. Knowing that the one family member is included in the cost is a good incentive for that person to receive help too. Having age specific family groups is also a good idea because it is hard for children and teens to open up to their elders. If they were in a group of their peers who had gone through similar situations they would feel more comfortable talking about stuff. The family programs are also flexible because the family members do not have to attend but if they want to they are given the option of day or evening treatment. I found this program interesting because it was nice to learn that the family is also thought about and not left behind they are also given choices to choose a program that best suites their needs.