The biography of Alfred Hitchcock

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The Life Of Alfred Hitchcock...


Rolling up your window at the sight of a passing bird, quickly pulling open your shower curtain when the slightest shadow is seen, and the constant worry of nuclear war with other countries. Birds will most likely never go on a killing rampage, a murder taking place in a shower isn't far fetched, and the threat of war is always present. So, by this we can see the wide range of films directed by the "Giant in Horror", the "Master Of Suspense", and the "Protagonist of Terror", Mr. Alfred Joseph Hitchcock.

His early life

On August 8, 1899, in Leytonstone, London, William Hitchcock and wife Emma had a son, they named him Alfred J. Hitchcock. His parents, both Irish and Catholic, also had two other children, William Hitchcock and Ellen Kathleen Hitchcock. Young Mr. Hitchcock attended the Jesuits' St. Iganatius College during his early school years.

His parents were both very strict. Once when he was young and did something his father didn't approve of, he was forced to stay in a jail cell for ten minutes. Ever since that day he had had a phobia of police officers. At the age of fourteen (1913) a tragedy struck Alfred's life, his father died, this forced him to quit school and search for a job. At age sixteen (1915) Mr. Hitchcock was studying once again at the University of London, however he was studying engineering and navigation, as oppose to what a future director should study. At age nineteen (1918) he took a job at the Henley Telegraph Center as an estimator. Of course as most teens would he managed to go to the cinema regularly, and he fell in love with the silver screen. While working he took night classes in art, and...