Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

He was a powerful orator of his time and a champion of the "forgotten men" that radiated optimism that the country needed especially during the Depression period and World War II. In this biography, FDR as they called Franklin Delano Roosevelt as for he was known to alphabetize all his ideas and agencies later on during his presidency, held a portraiture that was full of subtlety and charm. And moreover he had an enigmatic personality in which Francis Perkins, his secretary of labor had said that "he was the most complicated human being" she had ever known. A man who loved frequent poker games, spending time in his study, working on his stamp collection or on his delicate scale models of sailing ships he collected and took swims in Warm Springs and who kept a focused bliss after all.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York.

His mother Sara Roosevelt and father James Roosevelt who was vice-president of several corporations. Roosevelt was a very cultural young boy, he was taught to ride horse and handle a boat, swim, which later in his older years would become one of his pastime, tennis lessons, piano lessons, dancing lessons, Latin, French, German along with history, geography, science and arithmetic. His mother Sara was a very manipulating figure although he knew had to handle her well. He was the only child and had no playmates of his own age, yet he was a well rounded young boy. He began a passion for photography and collecting birds. His family owned a seaside cottage on Campobello Island that they would go to every summer holiday and that he would keep the tradition with his own children. At age 14 he entered Groton, an exclusive Massachusetts prep school in...