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John Marshall was born on September 24, 1755, in Prince William County, now known as Virginia. When John was about ten years old, his family moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains, which was about thirty miles away. Both of John's parents were not officially educated. John learned to read and write mainly on his own. Books were too expensive for him to obtain, therefore he mainly read the bible.

John Marshall and George Washington were close friends. John worked with him as an evaluator. He help facilitate Washington survey some of the Fairfax estate which John was to acquire from the Fairfax family after the revolution. The Americans confiscated the massive estate during the war.

In 1767, a young Scottish minister came to live with the Marshalls for a year, because he was being "tried out" by the congregation. He learned a lot about education through this young man. John's family had known from a while back, that he was going to become a lawyer.

John attended a six-week course at William and Mary College where he learned a lot about law.

Marshall was made captain of the Indian Wars. Like his father, he was a strong fighter. Later on, he joined the Minute Men, and was made lieutenant. Both him and his father, were commonly known at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and still are known today.

On January 3, 1783, John married Mary Ambler. Their marriage lasted forty-nine years, until she died on December 25, 1831. Mary's father was Jacqueline Ambler. He had been one of Yorktown's richest men but the war had ruined him financially. John met Mary, because her family moved into a small apartment next to John once the war had ended. While they were married, John became a member of the bar in Virginia...