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Walt Whitman was a poet of the mid to late 1800's, he celebrated what was possible and never met a word that he didn't like or couldn't use. Whitman often writes about the middle class hardworking man and woman. In "I Hear America Singing" he creates an image of people singing although he did not actually hear or see those people He writes that every man has his own song, and each man or woman accomplishes something at the end of the day. Then after a hard days work he writes, "at night the party of young fellows, robust, friendly. Singing with open mouths their strong and melodious songs."

If Whitman were to come back to witness the society that we live and work in today he would be overwhelmed at our sense of optimism, or the lack there of. It seems that today we work for just ourselves and the money that we think we deserve in turn for our meager effort.

Our society gets wrapped up in how big your house can be or what kind of car you drive and how many you own. Materialistic views overpower us and we do not see what work really is meant to be. Work is a chance for you to help other people, better your community and in the end make enough money for you to live but not extravagantly. It is also a chance for you to make, sell or perform a skill with a quality worth the price and time you spent on it. If you do enter a profession where you will gain substantial amounts of money there is a right and wrong way to live with plenty of wealth.

The class of people who live lavishly and to excess does not make up a significant amount...