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The poetry world was reimbursed with a new life on June 2nd, of the year 1840 in the small town of Higher Bockhampton, England. A poet, by the name of Thomas Hardy, was born into the world with a glimmer in his eye.

As a young boy, Hardy began taking interest in playing the violin. He loved it to the point were he played it locally, getting in small plays and short musicals for only short change (plus the sensation of people enjoying what he did). He had joined Julia Martin's school in Bockhampton, which was considered a well-organized school of learning. Soon his education became intense, he became involved in Latin, French, and begins reading all different types of text. He is considered an outstanding student and soon takes acceptance to John Hicks, a local architect (Thomas Hardy: A Chronology 1). After that, he moves on to learn from Horace Moule, who taught him the basic Greek dramatists.

In 1862, at the age of 22, Hardy traveled to London to work under Arthur Blomfield. While there he explores the many cultural lives of the city, including the numerous museums, and plays. He than discovers his love for poetry. (Thomas Hardy: A Chronology, 1) Three years later, he creates and publishes his first article, "How I Built Myself a House." Though it wasn't highly noted for anything, he still thought it was a major stepping-stone for his literary career. (Thomas Hardy: A Chronology, 1)

He then moved back to his old town, were he began working for John Hicks. In Hardy's mind, he began wanting to take up writing as a profession. (Thomas Hardy as a Poet, 1) He begins and sadly never publishes his first novel, entitled, The Poor Man and the Lady. After two years of writing short...