"Blessed the beasts and the children", by freeing others, we free ourselves.

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For a minute it was as it had been in the beginning, before evil, before death, when the earth was fair and all living things dwelt together as a kindered. "By feeing others, we free ourselves" is a quote that talks about the boys at the time when they were liberating the buffalos. It also says how the boys and the buffalos are related to each other, and why this animal is important in this nobel.

When they liberated the buffalo, they didn't just free the beast. They also liberated themselves from their phobias and complexes. As soon as they free the buffalos, they showed the real person who was inside each one of them, and for a minute, they were children once again. But, even though they were the misfits of the camp, and also they were neglected by their parents, at that time they were heroes, and more valuable than anyone in the world.

On the other side of the story, we have the greatest, more awesome animal of the American continent: the buffalo. But even if they were, shooters didin't care about that. One time they left them for three days without water. Also, when it was time to shoot at them, all kinds of buffalos were chosen: male, female, weak, strong, young or old. Even though, the point of this was to mantain the rate of population, and to get rid of the weak ones, they shot as many as they could. For theses animals, the fact of being the most wonderful beast in the whole continent wasn't useful at the time when a shooter pointed his riffle at one of them.

Therefore, the children and beast were lost and feeling in the same way. After having been neglected by everyone, they both found...