Book analysis on 'A Raisin in the Sun' How the author uses plot and characterization

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How does responsibility aid in the fulfillment of a dream? In the play A Raisin In The Sun the author, Lorraine Hansberry, uses plot and characterization to convey the theme that one must be responsible to fulfill one's dreams, in order to accomplish her purpose of showing the positive effects of responsibility on a dream, and the negative effects of no responsibility on a dream. In this play, Hansberry's purpose relates to the theme because without a certain level of responsibility, a dream cannot be executed to its full extent. By using the contrasting dreams of Mama and Walter, Hansberry is able to use characterization to show how the level of responsibility that was applied affected their individual dreams. Additionally, Hansberry uses plot to describe the good outcome of Mama's dream and the not-so-good outcome of Walter's dream.

Plot is used to show the course of the dreams of both Mama and Walter.

At this particular point in their lives, Mama's husband has just died, leaving behind an insurance check (pg. 36) worth ten thousand dollars. The family has not yet decided how they are going to spend the check, but it could possibly be used to pay Beneatha's college tuition (pg. 37) or go towards Walter's dream of investing in a liquor store with his friends (pg. 33). Walter's proposal to Ruth (pg. 32-33) is shady to begin with; it consists of paying off people for a liquor license for only a "couple of hundred" (pg. 33) dollars and trusting Old Willy Harris to draw up legitimate papers for their business plan (pg. 70). The family does not seem to trust Walter's plan, and even his wife Ruth refers to his plan as "gambling" (pg. 42) with the money that Mama's late husband has left. The issue of...