Book report on "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote

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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is a great nonfiction novel about the savage

murders of four people. It is A great novel for many reasons, but the main one is because it is

true. It is nonfiction. Capote actually went out and investigated all aspects of the murder.

He captures every moment of the crime. This being a non-fiction book, you would think it

would be just cold facts and impersonal information. Capote, however, chooses to break away

from the norm, telling the story in an engaging, suspenseful novel format. He brings the

murderers to life. You get to know them and care about them. They are not just characters in

a story; they are actual people with emotions and with feelings. Capote delves into the

murderers minds and shows their desires, urges, and wants. In every page you get deeper

into their minds. Capote brings human qualities to two men that would otherwise be

considered inhuman.

Not only does he bring the murderers to life, he also brings the victims and their town

to life. He researches their background and reconstructs how their life was before the murder.

You feel the terror of the family. You feel for their friends and feel how shaken and insecure

the town is.

The way the book is written is also great. Capote keeps you in suspense not because

you do not know who killed the Clutter's, but how. He does not divulge the way the murder

happened. He waits until the murderers confess it. Since you get to go into the minds of the

murderers you start to feel sympathy for them. You don't see them as cold-blooded

murderers. Through all this Capote remains objective. This way of writing gives you a

whole new perspective on the way you look at...