This is a brief summary of some of the horrid occurrences provoked by the Nazis.

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The Nazi created the Nazi camps. The Nazi was a German fascist party.The word fascist means a political philosophy that stands for a centralized government headed by a dictatorial leader. In the article, "The Nazi Camps" by

Henry Friedlander, he explains about the camps and how they were runned.Many people were killed in the camps. Not just Jews, but other groups.The groups included Russian POWS, criminals, asocials and Jehovah Witnesses.The life for the prisoners really depended on whether you were a man or woman. In the beginning, the young and healthy were used for labor. The inmates were not known by their names but by numbers and colors.The Nazi camps started to change. The camps became overcrowded because of World War II, thus new camps were created. The concentration camps turned into an empire of slave labor. If they were unable to work, they were put to death.

The killing started with massive shooting. A more effective way was the gas chambers.

The gas chambers were disguised as shower rooms and carbon monoxide was given instead of water. When the war was assumed to be lost, the gassing stopped in all the camps.

Only a handful of people survived this ordeal and tried to continue.The majority were liberated by the allied forces in the end.