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Strengths for Yakult: Yakult is well established in Asian countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. and is known to be popular among Asian communities in Australia. Also Australia is a country in close proximity to those Asian countries, so that it is a potential market for Yakult.

Moreover, Yakult is a probiotic product, its company emphasises health, so it is targeted at everybody. Yakult Australia uses the slogan "Every body. Every day" that is easy to target everybody in Australia.

According to the survey, Australians have embraced healthy lifestyles, especially women who are the main target market concerned about health diet, and also, Australian mothers care about their children' health, and Yakult's goal is bring healthy smiles to faces everywhere. The healthy lifestyles match the goals of Yakult, giving Yakult the strength to develop in Australia.

Weakness for Yakult: Yakult is a fermented milk drink, it also is a milk-based, and so it needs to be refrigerated, so, some outlets and groceries stores would be unsuitable.

Although Yakult is five bottles per pack, each bottle is too small, meaning it is not visible amongst other refrigerated products such as yogurt, and milk in the store. When people go to buy the refrigerated products, they may not notice Yakult.

Yakult is not really popular around Australia, some people even do not know what is Yakult, which result that when people see Yakult in the supermarket, or stores, they will not go to try them, as they are afraid to try unknown products.

Yakult and yogurt are the same products that bring health for people's body, however Australians prefer buy yogurt, because yogurt can be eaten with other food and is cheaper than Yakult. Yakult can only be drunk alone, which is not enough variety for people.

Opportunities for...