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The structural design of any organization involves central issues as how the work of the organization will be divided among the employees and assigned among positions, groups, departments etc. and how the coordination among employees belonging to different groups, necessary to accomplish total organizational objectives will be achieved. Choices made about these issues are usually publicized in job descriptions and behavior in an organization is normally influenced by system variables as of technical, social, individual and organizational inputs. Through these variables the individuals are signaled about what kind of organizational behavior is expected of them. Power can be described as a part of all organizational behavior. Using power can be valuable to individuals as a means to achieve desired actions, goals and objectives within the organization. The study of power as an organizational behavior and action activity by the management aimed at improving individual leadership and organization performance can be very effective in achieving intended goals.

IMPACT OF POWER AND POLITICS IN GROUP DECISION MAKINGAll participants in management group, regardless of the kind of organization have and use power. Men and women emphasize, somehow, different ways to use power, as do subordinates when compared to their superiors or peers. Power can be used to achieve goals other than power itself. The idea of power within organization has both emotional and ethical impact as for many it carries negative connotations and some visualize it as a 'manipulative, coercive and controlling force". It is right that power can be manipulative as it can be seen at workplace in behaviors such as 'brownnosing, always saying 'Yes' to boss and similar diplomatic actions. However if a balanced perspective is allowed power can be seen as more positive and as ethically neutral action. The ethics of power lies not only in power but also in...