Byronic Hero

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Our version of the Byronic Hero is found in a man named Tyler Durden from the film Fight Club. He is the epitome of the modern day Byronic hero. He is an outsider and a man of contradictions who happens to live the life of a typical businessman, but not for much longer. He works in his little office for a major vehicle corporation and his entire existence is based around his job. He has nothing else in his life. He suffers severely from insomnia, and the only was he is able to deal with this is by attending self-help meetings. He joins groups for people who are suffering from diseases like prostate cancer, parasitic diseases and other terminal illnesses. He attends these meetings and pretends he is sick, when really he doesn?t suffer from any of these diseases at all. He goes there because he believes people only truly care about your problems and what you have to say if they think you are dying, this allows him to open up and be able to cry.

Only once he is able to cry, and relieve himself of the built up tension and stress, is he able to sleep again.

After a few weeks of these meetings, he sees a woman who is essentially doing the same thing he is. Here we meet Marla Singer. She shows up at all the self-help meetings, even the one for prostate cancer. Tyler knows she is a fake, and that she is not really sick. She is doing the same thing he is. This ruins his entire process, he is not longer able to cry and therefore he can no longer sleep either. This is when he meets Tyler Durden. Tyler introduces him to a new form of therapy: fighting. Him...