Calling out Racism

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Calling out racism is difficult to do in many situations. For example, if a group of people, does not matter if they are strangers or friends, are making racist jokes I cannot find myself approaching them and telling them that they are wrong. I would be afraid of being targeted and then be the one they are to make fun of. No one wants to be singled out and being outcasted.

A People's History of the United States "When the United States fought in Vietnam, it was an organized modern technology versus organized human beings, and the human beings won"(469). People underestimate human beings capabilities to do anything. I do not understand why people rely more and more on technology to do everything.

Why it is that third world country cannot be independent especially from powerful countries like the United States? For example, "For a few weeks…Vietnam was for the first and only time in its modern history free of foreign domination…" (470) According to the "domino theory" like a row of dominoes, if one country fell to Communism, the next one would do the same and so on.

But, Communism did not take over each country after another. Communism is not a problem anymore but terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. Was the defeat of Communism the true reason for taking over foreign countries or is it for the rich resources these countries had like rice, rubber, tin, etc.

With Diem's regime coming around the Vietnamese people began to hate it more and more. It seems like Diem's decisions and actions made living worse for the Vietnamese people. No one would want to have someone try to help the country and the people but instead hurt those more and more. This is the same situation as people who treat the minority differently thinking it would help them but instead makes the situation even worse.

All these problems that have been happening in Vietnam may have caused Americans to view Vietnamese people wrongly because that is what they have seen for years. For example, monks burning themselves, riots even though the Americans were trying to help, etc. If I was an American watching this on television, I would get the impression that Vietnamese people don't want help from people, especially America, whose intentions are to "defeat" Communism. This would lead to stereotypes or wrong assumptions of Asians which probably would lead to fear. My sister told me that her friend said that her angry side is probably from the Vietnamese side of us and they called it the Viet Cong side. This is a really bad racist joke and I don't know how my sister approached this situation and what she did about it but I hope she did tell them that was wrong of them to say. With people thinking that Vietnamese people are angry this probably would make people feel in "danger". But I do hope that people don't have this assumption of Vietnamese people.