Capital Punishment for Juvenile Offenders

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The death penalty has been in the US fo decades since its founding. through out its usage, it has been a "hot-button" issue w/ the public. In modern times, especially. Even more recently, arguers have found a new topic in which to place their case. That is, capital punishment for juvenile offenders. I feel that the death penalty for juveniles is a bit extreme in that particular case. Legally, anyone under the age of 18 is a juvenile and under the eyes of the law, is not intelligent enough to know the full extent of their actions. Though it's common knowledge that this isn't entirely true. In the one historic case, attorney Don Nardo stated: "Society conciders juveniles too immature to vote, buy liquor, serve on juries, or join the armed forces. When it comes to mureder, however, many people believe juveniles should be punished as adults, even if that means death."